Our Product Range

Getting your vivarium or tank set up correctly is essential for successful reptile keeping. We have a huge range of glass and timber vivariums, turtle and frog tanks. We also have scorpion and spider enclosures, all at Adelaides lowest prices.
The correct heating and UV lighting for your reptile is key for it's health and well being. We have budget heat lamps starting at 10 doolars, all the way through to the top of the range Philips lamps. We also stock compact UV lamps plus the traditional flourescent style UV tubes.

We carry a huge range of paper and foam backgrounds. We also stock the original Universal Rock backgrounds (made in the USA). To customise your setup, we have hide rocks, ornaments, water and feed bowls, logs and plastic plants.

We stock heat mats, heated hide rocks, heat rocks, turtle accessories, timers, cannister filters, compact tops, flouro lamp holders, waterfalls, flooring artificial grass and all the latest reptile books. All this plus much more, all at Adelaides lowset prices.

We have all your pets food requirements covered.
- Frozen rats, mice and chickens
- Live crickets, mealworms and woodies
- Canned and Pellet reptile food
- Frozen turtle dinner, bloodwor and white bait
- Vitamins and Calcium powder